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Hi Michael,

I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am to have you in my life. You have been there for me and my two boys since 2009 whenever we needed help. There were some trying times with grants and loans, communicating with the schools and keeping me on track to do the right thing. Robbie, Dustin and I knew you were there.

Dustin hit the jackpot with his position (where he now works). He had at least 7 or 8 interviews over the phone with different companies in New York and New Jersey. Everyone he spoke with wanted to meet him. After much research he knew (where) he wanted (to work). When he had his first meeting with the VP of Operations he was asked to come back the next day. Within an hour of leaving he was called and offered the job. He is starting at $60,000, immediate benefits, commission, bonuses and all his lunches paid for.

It is a dream comes true with lots of room for growth. Your involvement over the past years with us means so much. I just want you to know how grateful I am.

Thank you Michael.

– Debbi

Good Afternoon Mrs. Angela Fleyzor and Mr. Michael Fleyzor,

I wanted to quickly thank you both for the helpful college accessibility information you’ve included within your links page and learning differences list. One of our library’s favorite volunteers, Olivia, is currently preparing for college and a few of us have been helping her with some small things, so I just wanted to let you know that some of the pages you’ve provided have been very helpful to us over the last few weeks especially. I’m sure your efforts are probably helping a lot of other students and families as well!

Thanks so much.

– Tracy


In 2013 I attended one of your college prep sessions for parents at New Providence High School, and we corresponded afterward about my daughter’s college applications and the costs, etc. Wanted to tell you what eventually happened.

You emailed me about the American Honors Program at Union County College, September 2014:

Just found this Honors Program. I would suggest that Claire apply from a financial standpoint. Then she can go to IVY league College, probably with a big scholarship. Look into this program!  It seems like it was created for your family.

She applied to and got into some top tier, but expensive schools – Northeastern, Boston U, George Washington U, and others, but the cost projects were astronomical, and none of them offered much as far as financial aid or scholarships. One of her safety schools, a second tier school – St. John’s U in Queens did offer her a decent financial aid package, and so she wasn’t extremely happy, but she went there instead. After her first year, she heard about a scholarship for women in stem called the Clare Boothe Luce, and she applied and got it – full tuition for her last three years. Claire was a Math major, but is ending up graduating with a double degree in Math & Physics with a 3.95 GPA. But her story doesn’t end there. She just got accepted into Stanford University’s graduate program for Aerospace & Aeronautic Engineering.

We followed your advice and had her take on the FAFSA loans, so she’s ending up graduating with a double degree and $25K in debt, and moving on to the number 1 program in the world for Aerospace Engineering! Not bad, huh?

So going to a second tier school ended up being a great decision and didn’t slow her down a bit.

I thought you might like to hear Claire’s success story.

– Sam

Angela, Michael & Joan

We would like to send you our greatest appreciation and highest praise. Being first timers in the college process it can, to say the least, be very overwhelming. We wanted to give our son the best possible tools to work with along with helping him step by step with all the information needed and give him an edge in the whole process. Having you as our consultants was the best decision as parents we made. You have shown yourselves to be invaluable and a must have for anyone looking for guidance whether first timers or seasoned pros in the process. You made the whole experience bearable, clear and extremely manageable in all aspects soup to nuts.

Carter was accepted to 14 of the 15 colleges applied to and wait listed on the last one, along with the generous amounts of merit scholarships that came with most we were just beyond happy with his results. Your guidance in the schools of choice and help with finding merit money was tremendous. We are extremely grateful as we could not have had such an outcome without your services. Best money we ever spent! Communication, guidance and hand holding at premier levels embodies what you guys are about and the whole overall experience was beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for everything.

– Gregg, Maria & Carter

Dear Angela and Michael,

I want to thank you both for all your hard work and diligence with selecting colleges, essay editing by Joan and the financial aid process for my granddaughter and her parents. Your whole team was great. My granddaughter had a late start in applying to colleges since it was the start of her senior year and the only preparation that she had was through her guidance counselor, which was limited. Based on her major interests, only two colleges were recommended. Guidance counselors have too many students to concentrate on any one individual.

As concerned grandparents we felt that an investment in a good college consultant would help move things along, so we researched local consultants. Once I spoke to Angela on the phone, I was convinced that CCC, Inc. was the answer. Angela and Michael have extensive knowledge in college entry and financial processes.

My granddaughter was accepted to 9 of the 10 colleges she applied to. She visited several schools, had an overnight stay and decided on one that met her goals. She also received a very generous merit scholarship and grant which will assist her parents greatly with tuition. We were very pleased with the choice our granddaughter and her parents decided upon. Preparation and guidance is the key to a successful search for the best college selection.

I can’t say enough about Angela and Michael for their assistance and patience.

Thank you again,

– Gail and Joe

We have four children within four years of age. After sending my oldest two to college and having twins to send, the prospect of “going broke” was not appealing. We tried for years to get aid but the process is full of pitfalls and extremely frustrating. In hindsight, I am not sure what we thought we submitted was ever done properly.

After hearing from multiple friends that there was someone who helped them with the entire college process, we did not hesitate to call Michael Fleyzor. Although he offers much more in the college guidance, we needed someone who knew the ropes. Michael guided us through the financial preparation and process where we were able to get tens of thousands of dollars in aid. The cost was minimal and we continue to seek his expertise currently.

We would be considered top 2 percent wage earners/ middle class who have lost essentially most tax write-offs and subjected to the AMT. Skeptical in nature, we overcame that behavior after thinking that 28 years of earning a nice living can be wiped out by college bills. Calling Michael is definitely worth your time.

– Robert S.

Words can’t thank you enough for how thankful I am to have two terrific college advisors. You both went out of your way repeatedly to make sure I was fully prepared for the college journey. Because of both of you I am confident that I have not only made the right college decision but I also have the tools to succeed for the next four years.

Thank you so much.

– Cassie

When your child begins the college process, it can be an exciting yet nerve wrecking time in your life. We wanted our son to have the best possible outcome with all aspects of the college application process. Angela and Michael were there to help us through the process from the beginning until the end and thereafter. Whether it was a phone call or a meeting in our house, they were always available.

Their knowledge and expertise helped ease our anxieties through it all. They are a team of well-educated and experienced advisors. We were extremely pleased with the individual attention we received. They are warm, personable individuals who want the best for your child.

Our son Frank was accepted into 10 colleges. Each of those colleges gave Frank a substantial scholarship award. He is currently attending Drexel University. We are extremely grateful to Angela and Michael for all that they have helped our son achieve.

-Andrew and Christine

A Great Team!

Angela is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to selecting colleges that fit my daughter’s academic and financial needs. When all of the acceptance letters were read by our daughter, she had a difficult time selecting her final choice college. Her decision was made more difficult because most of her acceptance letters offered various forms of financial aid. With Michael’s help we were able to compare all of the college’s awards.

Michael truly specializes in solving cash flow problems for families. His passion is to educate parents on how to limit the high cost of college. I know Michael is a member of MENSA. He is a genius! He saved us $75,000. No other financial advice has made or saved me close to this amount. Awesome!

-Steven G.

Dear Angela and Michael,

I would like to give our sincere thanks for all of the assistance you both have given us on making one of the most difficult decisions of our life. Your assistance with the planning process and help with financial aid process has made it such a pleasurable experience. From the college search, interview preparation, and application process you made us feel so much more at ease.

Our daughter Karlee, is so happy with her choice of Muhlenberg College. She is excelling there and it was the perfect choice for her. Muhlenberg was one of your recommendations and we would not have even applied there without that recommendation. She obtained both a biology grant and merit scholarship, which has been a huge help in paying her tuition.

Your continued support and assistance with Karlee as she completes her first year at Muhlenberg is very much appreciated. We want to thank you again and have told all of our friends, how happy we were with choosing College Choice Consultants and working with you both!!!

-Kristen and Michael

Dear Angela and Michael,

Our most sincere thanks for all of your help and advice, allowing us to navigate the often-bewildering maze of college-related decisions.  Our son is very happy with his final choice.  In addition, special thanks to Michael for all his extra assistance with the financial aspects of preparing for college.  He even prepared my tax return on time when my regular accountant had a heart attack. He was extremely helpful and patient throughout the college planning process.

All our best,
Joel and Elizabeth

Where do I begin to thank Angela and Michael for their hard work and diligence?

Starting late to the college application process with my son, after just one phone call to Angela she gathered all the necessary information and hit the ground running! At our first meeting she and her husband Michael had an outstanding list of Colleges and Universities for my son to review based on his interest of study. After extensive review on the academic side, Michael took charge of the financial issues that can be so daunting to a first time parent.

Their easy step by step instructions for my son and I to follow, made it easy to enjoy the campus tour process. All the time knowing full well Angela and Michael had our backs with the paperwork and deadlines all laid out for us to follow. Throughout the entire process, they were just a quick phone call or email away with a response to the needed answers of the questions that arose.

In the end, my son’s acceptance to nine out of the ten schools applied, gave him an amazing opportunity to choose from a wide variety. It was almost difficult for us to make the choice since all the offers contained outstanding financial aid packages. As a parent it is wonderful to know the cost of my son’s final choice of college will not be much more than his private high school tuition.

I am sure without Angela and Michael’s help and expertise, we would not have had nearly the variety nor financial packages to choose from had we done this on our own!

Thank you Angela & Michael… September we start on son number two!!!

Forever grateful,

– Mark N.

Dear Michael,
I just wanted to thank you for all your help and expertise in dealing with the minefield known as the college financial aid process. As a parent who was already negotiating the stress with my high school senior while she worked on her applications, wrote essays, gathered documentation and narrowed down her school choices, I knew that the burden of the financial aid process would only add to the “Things to Do” list. I so appreciated your calm approach, knowledgeable insights and pragmatic view when it came to choosing colleges and completing the forms that are necessary to apply for financial aid.

Not only were your years of experience appreciated, but also I was also grateful for your quick responses, and your ability to meet deadlines and your willingness to provide daily feedback. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for someone to help them through the college application process.

– Preston S.

We want to thank you for all of your assistance during Sarah’s college selection and application process. When our son, Matt applied to and attended college, we tried to get him through the whole process on our own, and we were lost. Due to our lack of knowledge of the college application and financial aid process, not only was it difficult, but also more costly then it should have been.

With your help, our daughter, who recently submitted the last of her applications, has already been accepted into two of the colleges to which she has applied. Manhattan College has offered her a $15,000 per year merit scholarship, and the other, the University of Pittsburgh, has accepted her into their School of Engineering and Honors College. In fact, Pitt was so impressed with her essay; they sent her an email before she was accepted, which included the following statement:

“The Admissions Committee at the University of Pittsburgh reviews thousands of application essays each year. We come across a myriad of essays that are good; however, only a select few truly stand out among the rest. Your essay stood out and we want to thank you for your well-written work.”

We are certain that her work with your essay coach, Joan, really helped her. We thank Michael and you for your assistance in helping us get through this mindboggling process. We want what’s best for our daughter and feel our investment in College Choice Consultants was money well spent.

PS our daughter is going to Bucknell University. With Michael’s assistance, with a repeal letter, she received a very large merit scholarship and financial package, larger than anything we could have ever dreamed for our daughter.

– Lauren and Ed D.

My family has been working with College Choice Consultants since our son’s sophomore year of high school. Angela’s expertise and guidance has helped us to navigate through the confusing college maze. she is a great asset at understanding our son’s strengths, holding our hands through the entire admissions process and has been instrumental in narrowing the selection of college choices. With thousands of colleges to choose from, I cannot imagine going through this overwhelming process without Angela’s help.

– Deborah and Larry M.

Fortunately, we found Angela at a local seminar when our oldest son, Tommy, started his junior year of high school. She understands that each child is “one of a kind” and through a thorough evaluation and consultation with our son, she has provided a list of colleges, instructed Tommy on interview skills, and practiced questions and answers for admissions. In addition, Tommy brainstormed topics with Angela, which helped him join more clubs. Through her guidance, Tommy has narrowed his focus on particular types of colleges and majors and he is using enhanced study tools for SAT testing. Another benefit for us “parents” is Angela’s outstanding organizational skills that have kept us on track throughout the entire admissions process, including college visits and tours.

– Lorraine and Thomas S.

With our first child preparing for college, we found ourselves lost with the whole process: such as compiling transcripts, letters of recommendations, essay topics, and schools that would be a good fit. It was mind-boggling! Then, we found Angela at one of her seminars. She organized the entire process for us, answered all our questions, thoroughly investigated schools that would be a good match, and what requirements were needed for the admissions process. She provided numerous sources for scholarship opportunities, and even performed practice dress interviews to relieve the tension our daughter might have had when the real ones took place. Angela’s worth of knowledge and her genuine care for our child were instrumental in our daughter’s successful transition from high school to college. I would not hesitate to recommend Angela, and am looking forward to her working with our son next year who will be a freshman in high school.

– Renee and Greg E.

Lost at sea would best describe how my wife and I felt when navigating the application process for colleges and universities for our daughter Marie. Based on a recommendation, we contacted College Choice Consultants. After our first consultation meeting with Angela, both my wife and I felt as if an anchor had been lifted from our shoulders. Angela’s understanding, warmth, knowledge based on experience, confident demeanor, constructive feedback, and continuous support gave our family the road map, and the traction we needed to begin moving toward fulfilling our daughter’s dream of attending a University. I would not hesitate a moment to recommend to others College Choice Consultants for those in need of such services.

– Kate and William Z.

I really want to thank you for your continued support. It really means a lot to me! Work constantly on improving my knowledge and skills in regards to tax related issues and filling in forms for educational institutions. This is a fairly unknown territory for me and might sometimes feel like having embarked on an adventure trip through a jungle of foreign flora and fauna. The “jungle” becomes much more structured and less scary because of you! Thanks ever so much again! I
Wish you and your team a wonderful day.

– Elke H.

Michael reviewed our financial aid forms. His knowledge of the FAFSA and CSS Profile Financial Aid Forms rescued us from not getting any financial aid because of mistakes we made in completing the forms. Michael also reviewed our federal income taxes, and suggested that we claim the educational credits differently, which our tax preparer did not maximize for us. This change alone saved us over 2,500.

– Amy and Martin S.

Angela and Michael, have an enormous knowledge base of information regarding all aspects of college preparation including how to get into the college of your choice, what steps are necessary to make the dream a reality and dealing with the actual grind of completing the FAFSA and CSS PROFLE Financial Aid forms. While some consultants only work with the student, they helped us as well; getting ready for this important next phase in our lives. Their advice is priceless and my husband and I are greatly appreciative of their professional and calm approach to a very stressful transition for our daughter and us. I highly recommend College Choice Consultants. You cannot find anyone better to guide you through the college maze!!!

– Barb S.

As my oldest daughter was finishing her sophomore year in high school and being a single parent, was looking for help determining what potential colleges would fit my daughter. College Choice Consultants provided that and so much more. I received lots of important and practical ideas and advice covering all aspects of the college experience, from what to look for when visiting colleges to applying for scholarships. Angela, you have created a wonderful business that provides college bound students and their parents with pertinent and essential information regardless of where they plan to go to college. Thanks for your efforts in making this difficult and stressful process so much easier to deal with! I would not have been able to go through this entire college planning process and enjoy it every step of the way without your guidance and assistance.

– Ilene O.

Worked with Angela beginning with the summer before my junior year in high school. Angela and her team helped me organize my applications, create effective essays and ensure that all necessary deadlines were met. This made this stressful college experience almost fun. They have provided me with invaluable information that I know will make a difference in my future. Bottom line, I will be entering the college of my choice in August, with a merit scholarship and admission to their Honor’s Program. Thank you, College Choice Consultants!

– Samantha R. – Student

Because my son’s grades were not the best, my husband and I were concerned that his college choices were going to be limited. We were also concerned about navigating through the complicated application process. But, Angela helped us every step of the way, and with her help and guidance our son was accepted into nine out of twelve colleges. We are proud to say he will be a freshman at Seton Hall University next fall. Thank you Angela for your help! College Choice was one of the best investments that we ever made.

– Preston and Marylise

Angela and Michael have worked with my clients and my granddaughter Lauren and do a fantastic job assisting both the student and the parents. Michael recently spent several hours with my son and daughter in law collecting financial data and completing the FAFSA form. The key is getting it done right in the beginning! Feel free to contact them for assistance.

– Ralph L.

College Choice Consultants, LLC is proud to announce that our seniors received $3,100,000 in financial aid and merit scholarships.