College Choice Consultants

“Each student interacts with EVERY member of our ADMISSIONS TEAM”

College Choice Consultants is a college consulting firm that believes it takes several specialists, each with expertise in a specific area of the admissions process, to present the student in such a way as to catch the eye of college admissions. Families work with every member of our team in the following areas of college planning: establishing career goals, fine-tuning the academic procedures in the admissions process, essay brainstorming and developing strategies, and FAFSA/CSS Profile financial aid form preparation.

College Choice Consultants assists students in gaining admission to a college that best fits their individual needs, along with developing effective strategies to maximize financial aid.

College Choice Consultants goals focus on a strategic, comprehensive and competitive application package, minimizing family out-of-pocket college costs, and maximizing financial aid awards.

The college admissions process has become complex, competitive and costly. There are over 3,500 colleges in the United States and choosing the “right” college can be overwhelming. In many cases, highly qualified students are forced to accept their second choice colleges. College tuition costs continue to rise in spite of current economic trends. Choosing an inappropriate placement could cost the student and his or her family additional time in college resulting in increased tuition costs. The specialists at College Choice Consultants pride themselves on their knowledge of current higher-educational trends, up-to-date admissions requirements, application procedures, and financial aid issues.

As surrounding colleges become more competitive, the college search reaches beyond New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware. Visiting colleges campuses can be time consuming and expensive. College Choice Consultants spend a significant amount of time traveling to college campuses, meeting with college admissions counselors and financial aid officers. This allows our families to have first-hand knowledge and confidence that the colleges we recommend fit the academic and personal needs of our students.

Seniors enrolled in our program have been accepted into excellent and competitive educational institutions, some even receiving much needed financial aid. Our unique college planning program is limited yearly to the number of students we accept on all four high school grade levels. This ensures success for everyone. Choosing the “right” college will positively affect the student’s well being, career opportunities, and goals.

College Choice Consultants
will minimize stress by offering services, which provide advice and guidance throughout each level of the college admissions process.

College Choice Consultants, LLC is proud to announce that our seniors received $3,100,000 in financial aid and merit scholarships.