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College Choice Consultants LLC frequently provides college planning programs for various organizations, associations, clubs, churches, fraternal organizations and schools, and would be pleased to speak at your next meeting. Call (732) 381 – 9685 or E-Mail afleyzor@gmail.com to inquire about availability or to find out when and where our representatives will be presenting a workshop. The seminars available are:

The Admissions Process – College Planning Dos and Don’ts

  • The proper way to prepare the application package
  • Understanding the admission guidelines for a particular college
  • Critical pieces of the college resume
  • Sitting or opting out of the standardized tests
  • The importance of the college essay
  • Current trends in the admission process
  • Common college admissions myths

The Importance of the PSAT/SAT/ACT Tests

  • Learn how to interpret the PSAT scores
  • PSAT is used to enter the National Merit Scholarship Program
  • Comparison of the SAT and ACT tests
  • When the SAT II Subject Tests are necessary

How to Maximize Financial Aid

  • How to reduce your out-of-pocket costs
  • College formulas: avoiding disqualification
  • A very expensive mistake: choosing a college based on its low tuition
  • Why some parents earning more than $100,000 per year get financial aid
  • Why some families earning $25,000 do not qualify for financial aid
  • FAFSA tips and myths
  • Student loans – which ones to avoid “at all cost”
  • How advance planning can save you thousands
  • Common mistakes that will cost you thousands

College Choice Consultants, LLC is proud to announce that our seniors received $3,100,000 in financial aid and merit scholarships.