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Why A Private College Consultant Firm?

The cost of a college education is, for many families, their second largest financial investment next to purchasing a home. Currently, many private tuitions range between $180,000 and $250,000. All across the country, state governments have been decreasing their funding. Your financial decisions will benefit from our professional guidance.

Many students choose a college without adequate investigation and research regarding what the college has to offer them. Research shows that one out of three college students leave or transfer to another college and five out of ten students require five or more years to earn a degree. Our objective assessment of the student’s needs help us to use current research beyond website information to find the right “student-college fit”.

Many colleges have become more selective and College Choice Consultants understand what is needed for top students to gain admissions. However, finding the right college for the average or learning differences students is just as important. Many less competitive colleges have higher drop out rates and lower graduation rates, therefore it is essential we carefully place average students in appropriate educational settings.

High school counselors – both in public and private institutions – are so overwhelmed with student caseloads, federally mandated paperwork for special needs students, dealing with disciplinary situations, family issues, and scheduling courses. There is little time left for quality personal contact between counselor and the student applying to college. Guidance counselors will write a letter of recommendation, assemble a transcript, and include a student profile in the college packet – nothing more. Private college consultants help supplement the unmet needs of applying to college for high school students.

College Choice Consultants, LLC is proud to announce that our seniors received $3,100,000 in financial aid and merit scholarships.