College Choice Consultants provide conferences to develop admissions strategies.

Highlights of our college consulting services include:

Course Advisement Program – Academic coursework makes a difference in the type of college that will admit a student. We review the student’s courses for both breadth and depth in order to design a college plan that satisfies a student’s prerequisite college entrance requirements.

Student Evaluation – High school records, transcript, standardized test scores, interests, needs, and talents will be assessed in implementing an effective student application package.

Career Assessment Test – Statistically, many college students graduate in five years or more. We test to identify the student’s strengths, personality type, interests, and career preferences to help the student focus on an appropriate college major. This increases their ability to matriculate and graduate on time, a direct return on the investment of tuition.

College Planning Calendar – One of the most common causes of college rejection letters and lost financial aid is missed deadlines. Our monthly timelines keep you organized and on track.

SAT-ACT-SAT Subject Tests – Core subject grades will be reviewed to determine what standardized entrance test will best accommodate the student’s academic level.

Academic and SAT Tutor Service – We provide students with one-on-one tutors within the comfort of their home for academic subjects and SAT/SAT Subject Tests. Whether it is for competitive or academically challenged students, we feel they gain more from individualized tutoring than from group tutor sessions.

College Range List – Colleges organized into Safe-Fit-Reach categories. Included are detailed college profiles, academic offerings, student programs and services, tuition costs, financial aid information, and available divisional sports.

Student Profile Development – Admissions officers look for quality not quantity. They look for special activities or unusual characteristics that make a student unique. A student’s interests, extra curricular activities, community services, internships, employment, the arts, sports, and summer programs show evidence of passion, leadership, commitment, and character. Our program instills in the student the passion to be all that he or she can be.

College Visitations – We provide guides on when to visit, where to go, what to do, and whom to see. Also available, is a guide for students with learning disabilities. Maps and mileage charts are provided to maximize a family’s time management.

Interview – There are only two subjective areas in the application: the interview and the essay. We prepare the student to be self-confident in discussing his or her own achievements. Admissions officers are looking for the applicant most likely to attend, not necessarily the most academic one. Colleges that require an interview consider it one of the most important factors in the admissions process.

Application Essay – Colleges look for sincere, well-written, compelling essays, showing a student’s unique personality, passions, and goals. Essays give the student an opportunity to stand out as a special candidate. As a member of our team, our Essay Consultant will work one-on-one with the student brainstorming essay themes. Since writing is really about editing, our Essay Consultant will assist the student in editing his work. Colleges have indicated to us that our student essays have been some of the best that they have reviewed.

Recommendation Letters – Admissions officers look at letters of recommendation as snapshots of an applicant. Our format produces letters highlighting information that will stand out.

College Financial Planning Assistance and FAFSA Preparation – A one-on-one conference focuses on financing the college tuition, financial aid availability, college loans, grants, merit scholarships, work-study programs, and special needs, (single parent or learning disability student). Preparation of the FAFSA , CSS Profile Financial Aid Preparation and the Expected Family Contribution Calculation (EFC) is completed for each student’s freshman college year at no extra fee.

Acceptance Offers Advisement – Comparison of college acceptance letters and financial aid packages. Offers can sound the same but be very different.

Deferred/Wait-Listed Procedures – Effective strategies for deferred and wait-listed students.

Advance planning can save you thousands of dollars! Common mistakes could cost you thousands of dollars!

9th & 10th GRADE PLAN

College preparation actually begins at the end of 8th grade with a course selection curriculum developed for your student. A plan strategy to meet college entrance requirements is implemented in 9th grade and continues throughout his or her four years in high school.

Each student enters high school with his or her own academic agenda and goals. We customize each educational plan to identify your student’s interests and goals with regard to academic and personal development. We implement academic course strategies to maximize your student’s high school curriculum and help expand his/her strengths and eliminate any weak areas to enhance a strong college admissions application. Contact us for a full explanation of these plans.

11th & 12th GRADE PLAN

All the above services are included in this two-year plan.


There are many reasons and excuses why students and parent(s) have a late start with college planning. Students wake up one morning and decide to go to college, parent(s) at whit end trying to get their student started with the admissions process, parent(s) not understanding and over-whelmed, or wondering what they are currently doing is in the best interest for their student. This is a fast-track program in order to meet the necessary college deadlines.


It is important to minimize lost time spent at the student’s present college and to create a smooth transition to the future college. Follow-up assessment of present/future major and a career, transfer of credits, and a college range list, are all the elements of the transfer application process.


Many students have documented learning differences. College Choice Consultants defines student’s wants, needs, and type of learning style. Support services vary from college to college. We educate students and their families from college minimum mandated to comprehensive level programs. Colleges are evaluated to meet the appropriate learning environment for your student. College will be a challenge. However, the goal is giving special needs students the opportunity and advantages if attending college in terms of intellectual, social, emotional growth, and financial award.

College Choice Consultants’ Fees

College Choice Consultants will be happy to provide you with our current plans and fees.

Please call 732-381-9685 or contact us via e-mail for individual prices.